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Our mission at Favero Chiropractic is to provide our patients the necessary care and tools to participate and take ownership in their own health and wellbeing. Our approach is a holistic one. We are advocates of the body and the body's natural ability to heal. The body innately responds to pain, growth, and other factors that challenge its homeostasis.

In short, your body wants to be well! If you chronically suffer from back pain, head and neck aches, vertigo, sciatica, etc. your body is calling out for attention and makes you a great candidate for chiropractic care. At Favero Chiropractic our goal is to not only alleviate pain or to prevent it from returning, but to also educate and become partners in your health.


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    Dr. Favero
    In the sections below are some resources on what chiropractors do and what to expect during your first visit. In this area you will find some simple tips for taking good care of your spine.

    Six Tips for Spinal Care
    1) Stretch regularly. Set aside a few minutes in the mornings to get your muscles moving and to lubricate your joints. Stretch again throughout the day if you find yourself getting tight or sore. It is possible to stretch too much, but you have to work very hard to get there. Stay tuned for some specific stretch recommendations...
    2) Get Up. Avoid staying in the same position for too long (especially sitting). After just 20-30 minutes of being in the same position, the muscles in our body want to stay where they are. That is why you feel pains or tightness after staying still for too long.
    3) Move. Sound too simple? That's because it is! There are so many ways to get moving, even just standing up at your desk and sitting back down if you feel you don't have time to walk. Katy Bowman has some great ideas about moving often and in various ways. See her website here.
    4) Drink plenty of water. What do we mean by "plenty"? Well, there is no perfect amount, but try about 64 ounces a day (roughly 8 glasses).
    5) Vitamins and supplements. Start with a multivitamin, but then get more serious and work on eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Nothing can "supplement" your health better than plants that are in season.
    6) See a chiropractor! They are the spine experts and work on the joints of the spine as well as the arms and legs to help people move properly and feel better.
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